Single-Use Systems for Storing and Shipping Frozen Drug Materials

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The logistics of decoupling drug substance manufacturing from final drug product formulation is now possible using integrated single-use freeze-thaw assemblies which incorporate reliable components. In this white paper we will explore how freezing the biological material in single-use assemblies has been enabling technology for managing the logistics.

What you will learn:

  • How using pre-sterilized, single use freeze-thaw systems instead of traditional methods helps manage the quality of the drug substance
  • How to gain peace of mind by selecting proven single-use solutions from trusted suppliers
  • The extreme conditions and measures taken to test CPC connectors to for their intended use, as well as the unattended abuse
  • How the aseptic connectors maintain a sterile connection under these conditions
  • How to reduce your system complexity and production costs with help from single-use assemblies

Want to hear more?

Nick Johnson explains the logistics of decoupling substance manufacturing from final drug product with help from single-use freeze thaw assemblies. Download video

/Portals/0/Library/ValidationReport/Pdf/TestReports/AseptiQuik G Freeze-Thaw Test Report.pdf AseptiQuik G Freeze-Thaw Test Report.pdf

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